Paid Dating is Going Worldwide.

Ohlala is going for the moon with a worldwide token sale! We are building a next generation paid dating platform with consent at its heart.

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Ohlala Token Sale

We are a successful business already.

Our growth is steady, but accelerating it requires massive capital.

regularly use the service.

>75k Men

have joined the revolution.

>25k Women

Users spend €30 on average. 

>320k Dates

All transactions are kept private already. We will improve upon this with next-gen software.

Improved Anonymity

We do not save your data on our servers and we believe in the human right to privacy. 

End-to-end Encryption

Content specific consent via automatically generated smart contracts. 

Electronic Consent

Electronically payment intermediation = no risk of leaving a date empty handed. 

Guaranteed Payments

Ohlala fights discrimination by design.  We will improve upon it with scale economics. 

Fighting Stigma

Ohlala builds trust and tolerance. We will massively invest in social causes.

Improving Society

Our ICO takes to the blockchain our already tokenized economy.

It will allow us to tackle the following problems:

Watch Pia Poppenreitter describe why we need to crowdfund our growth:

There is Stigma in Fundraising. 

“We are taking dating to the next level where consent is digital and interactions between people are fundamentally based on truth”

Pia Poppenreiter

“Ohlala is the perfect use case for secure micro transactions based on distributed ledgers. This is the next step for its existing token economy”

Dr. Torsten Stüber

"Human sexuality has long been in need of an overhaul. If we are to take full advantage of the human condition, we got to take control of our sex lives"

Anne Lomberg

“The conversation surrounding equality and physical safety has come to the foreground. We need to take it to the realm of emotional expression if we are to  free people from dating anxiety”

Leo da Silveira

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Ohlala Token Sale

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